Hours of Operation
April-December 20th: Open Saturday and Sunday 12-6
January-March: Closed

The Vineyards

Set in a picturesque region of the Catskill Mountains, Bashakill Vineyards got its start in the Spring of 2005. The vineyard is on a slight slope which flows down to the Bashakill wetlands. The proximity to the Bashakill wetlands provides ideal conditions for grape growing. The moist, warm air off of the wetlands pushes the colder air off the vineyard and provides a blanket which protects the vines from the early frosts so commonly found in this region.

All trellis posts have been cut from native untreated Black Locust wood. These posts were specifically selected so that the vineyard can remain chemical-free. Our two varieties of vines, Noiret and Cayuga White, are both American hybrids which were developed at Cornell University. We planted these varietals in the Spring of 2005. Cayuga White is one of the most highly disease resistant vines and allows for chemical-free growing. Noiret is a red wine grape which was just recently named by Cornell. It is used in our Estate blend for its very distinct black pepper character.

In the Spring of 2007, we planted a newly released variety named Marquette. This grape combines high levels of cold-hardiness and disease resistance with excellent wine quality. One of its parent grapes is the world renowned Pinot Noir. This grape blends well with our Noiret grapes. In 2011, we cleared an acre and a half of hard woods and are prepping the site with the help of our sheep for new vines. We use an old breed of Babydoll Southdown sheep for weed control and fertilizer in the vineyard. We also have their wool spun and knitted into hats, which we sell in our tasting room.

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