Hours of Operation
April-December 20th: Open Saturday and Sunday 12-6
January-March: Closed

Our Wines

Black Bear  (2013)
Cave aged for 14 months in American Oak. Made from 100% cab franc. This wine is medium body, very smooth with notes of cherry and Vanilla.
Dragonfly  (2011)
Made from 100% Lemberger grapes an easy drinking red with soft tannins
Estate White Tail  (2012)
A sparkling white wine made from our estate organic Cayuga White grapes
Rain Dove  (2014)
Germanic style sweet wine made from Delaware grapes
Late harvest Osprey  (2014)
Late harvest Vignoles dessert wine
Hummingbird  (2012)
A fruity slightly sweet blush wine made from 100% Catawba grapes
Copperhead  (2011)
Made from 100% Pinot Noir this wine has notes of cherry and spice. Cave aged for 18 months in American oak
Bowfin  (2011)
A blend of Noiret and Chancellor, this wine has strong notes of black pepper with a smooth finish. Cave aged for 18 months in American oak
Wood Duck  (2012)
Aged half and oak and half in steel then blended for a smooth buttery Chardonnay