Hours of Operation
April-December 20th: Open Saturday and Sunday 12-6
January-March: Closed

Our Wines

Black Bear Reserve  (2015)
Three select barrels of our Cabernet Franc that has been cave aged for two years in American and French oak
White Tail  (2015)
A white wine made from Cayuga White grapes with notes of melon and apple
Rain Dove  (2016)
Germanic style sweet wine made from Delaware grapes
Osprey  (2016)
Made from 100% Vignoles this semi-sweet wine has notes of grapefruit and honeysuckle
Hummingbird  (2016)
A fruity slightly sweet blush wine made from 100% Catawba grapes
Blue Heron  (2014)
Made from 100% Chancellor this wine has notes of cedar and tobacco. Cave aged for 18 months in American oak
Bowfin  (2014)
A blend of Noiret and Chancellor, this wine has strong notes of black pepper with a smooth finish. Cave aged for 18 months in American oak
Wood Duck  (2015)
Aged half and oak and half in steel then blended for a smooth buttery Chardonnay